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Skills and Competencies

Core Skills

3D Printing/Bioprinting

Micro-extrusion 3D printers (Cellink BioX, Ultimaker - FDM), DLP-based 3D printer (Cellink LumenX) and SLA 3D printer (Form 3B)

Cell isolation and culture

Primary cell isolation and culture from porcine and human tissues. Maintenance of secondary cell lines.

Scaffold Fabrication

Films, electrospun nanofibrous mats and 3D construct

Biomaterial Synthesis and Characterization

SilkMA, gelMA, ChitosanMA synthesis; Universal Testing Machine (UTM), Rheology, Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), FTIR (Infrared Spectroscopy)

Immunohistology and immunocytology

Molecular Biology Techniques

Cryo-microtomy and Flow Cytommetry


UV/Visible and fluorescence

Bright-field and fluorescence microscopy

Nikon and Zeiss microscopes

Real-time PCR, SDS-PAGE and gelatin zymography

Soft lithography

Mesofluidic device templating and fabrication

Fluorescently labelled gelMA microspheres

Soft Skills

Grant writing

Scientific Presentation

Written multiple grants to secure institutional & national funding during doctoral research

Oral & poster presentations in 9 international conferences & secured accolades & awards

Scientific Writing

Authored 9 first author research & review articles in reputed journals

Collaboration and Teamwork

Collaborated with research scholars from various departments/institutes & published 16 co-authored research articles, review articles and book chapters


Managed, guided & mentored Mastersʼ thesis projects of 5 internal/external students


Jennie G. - M.Tech. - Bharatidasan University, Tiruchirapalli
Soumashree Mondal - M.Sc. - SRM University, Chennai

Neelabha De - M.Sc. - SRM University, Chennai

Baishali Ghibhela - M.Sc. - Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore

Shruti Agnihotri - M.Tech. - Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Guwahati

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